There are two main ways to start shooting rifles, you either need your own land or written permission to shoot on a large enough piece of land for the calibre you want. Alternatively you can join a rifle club.

In order to apply for a firearms licence please click here and fill out the application form. At Braces questions are welcomed and we can passĀ an eye over the application for you if you need help especially with what calibres to apply for etc.

Rifles fall into two main categories, rimfire and centre fire. Rimfire rifles are .17hmr .22lr and .22wmr. Licencing authorities see these as the entry rifles and will often only allow a new shooter to get a licence for the rimfires to start with unless a centrefire safety course is attended.

Braces run the accredited Braces Shooting Centrefire Safety Course to find out more click here.

Rimfire rifles are used for small vermin control and target shooting. Centrefire rifles are the larger calibre rifles and are used for target shooting, vermin control and deer control.

Some of the best rifle brands in our opinion are Tikka, Sako, Browning, Mauser Sauer and Blaser. we stock all the main rifles in the shop along with all accessories for a full set up.

If you want to get into vermin control with rifles or deer control, come into the shop and we can assist you further.

For more information on the application process please watch our video